Welcome to our digital project that explains the relationship between St. Norbert College and the Green Bay Packers.  You are able to enjoy photos, videos, and stories that date back to the Lombardi Era.

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St. Norbert College is a liberal arts college located in De Pere, WI and was founded in 1898 by Abbot Bernard Pennings.  Today, President Thomas Kunkel has established a well-respected institution that has an enrollment of over 2000 students and and over 150 faculty members.  To learn more about St. Norbert College, please visit http://www.snc.edu or 



We would especially like to thank the following people/organizations for helping us with this digital project:

Ryan Cordell, President Thomas Kunkel, Dr. Kevin Quinn, Dr. William Hyland, Sally Cubitt, St. Norbert College, Cliff Christl, Green Bay Press Gazette, Green Bay Packers, and the WHO archive in the SNC Center of Norbertine Studies.


Recently Added Items

Packer's Nick Barnett's Dorm Room Cribs

Ex-Packer linebacker Nick Barnett gives an unconventional tour of the Victor McCormick Hall dorm room he stayed in for the duration of the Packer's…

Abbot Jerome Tremel

abbot tremel.jpg

Abbot Jerome Tremel was Chairman of the mathematics department at St. Norbert College from 1963 to 1969. Originally from Luxemburg, Abbot Tremel…

Father Brendan McKeough

fr mckeough.jpg

Father Brendan McKeough, who graduated from St. Norbert College in 1947, taught economics at the college from 1953 to 1978. Originally from Fond du…